1Where can I download CatchApp?
CatchApp is available from Itunes, Google Play and the Windows App Store.
2Can I use CatchApp with 3G/4G?
Yes CatchApp works perfectly with 3G. You can also further increase accuracy even further with 4G and WiFi.
3How do I use CatchApp?
Using CatchApp is easy. Once signed up and logged into the App, you simply select: Where Are You? To locate your friends. Or alternatively select: I Am Here, to share your own location with friends. Everything else is handled via a simplified map with locations plotted out for you.
4Who can view my location?
Only the contacts that you choose to share your location with. You are in complete control at all times.
5Who would use CatchApp and why?
Almost anyone could find a use for CatchApp.
  • Festival goers can easily find their friends in the crowd.
  • Kids can alert parents to a pickup location or let them know that they have reached home safely.
  • People unfortunate enough to get lost can easily request help, or conversely, locate a friend that has managed to take a wrong turn themselves.
  • CatchApp is also great for meeting up with friends. No more waiting around for latecomers,simply alert them to a change of location and let CatchApp worry about keeping them updated with your movements.
6Why is this any different to using Google maps?
CatchApp is actually powered by Google Maps. However Google Maps does not offer a simple option to instantly share your location with a trusted contact. Nor does it allow two parties to mutually track locations with automatic updates and estimate times of arrival. Only CatchApp offers this level of functionality at the touch of a button.
7Can I use CatchApp to spy on people?
No. CatchApp users enjoy complete privacy thanks to secure invite requests. To view another CatchApp users location that user would need to review and accept the invitation first and vice versa.
8Will you be adding new features?
Of course! And we welcome your input and suggestions. Feel free to join our mailing list for access to exclusive updates and potential beta tests in the near future. Or alternatively, get in touch. We always welcome questions and feedback and endeavour to reply as quickly as possible.